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  • Are your cheats safe?

    Yes. All of our cheats use the best security and undetected software. We also provide HWID cleaners and spoofers which protects your PC from bans.



    How do I know if the cheats or tools are safe to use and when it isn't?

    You can check our status page here: Status or simply get a ping on discord the minute we say we are updating it and not to use.



    What do I do next after purchase?

    Once you have ordered you will receive an email from AC Diamond, check your spam and junk mail you should receive it there. Alternatively you can get the tool/keys in 'Client Area'.

    Just download the loader from 'Downloads', and if you require the key/s just head over to 'My keys', they will always be stored there. 







    How do I get 24/7 support?

    You can open a ticket on discord where the staff are online across the globe, so someone will get to you. Alternatively, you can open a support ticket here: Support


    How do I join the discord server?

    Click here: ACD Discord 


    What does a Spoofer & Cleaner do and what does it mean?

    A spoofer and cleaner is very important and you should ALWAYS have it active. But first you will need to understand what happens to your account when you get caught cheating. Yes you get banned, and there are 2 types of bans: shadowban and permanent ban.


    Shadowban means your account is temporarily banned, so when you try to search for game it will either put you in lobbies with other cheaters who are shadowbanned, or it will give you 350 pings so that you can't find any games and if you try log into any other account from that same pc, then the same thing will happen. This ban is usually 7 days long.

    Even with a Spoofer & Cleaner the account that got Shadowban (SB) still won't work. But the purpose of a Spoofer & Cleaner is so it allows you to play on a second/3rd/4th (and so on) account and it will allow you to play the game.

    The cleaner works automatically, it will delete files called trace files on your PC. These were purposely left on your PC by the game companies to track if your cheating, and if so they will not allow you to make a new account to cheat on. 

    These game companies also automatically record your hardware ID, such as your mac address, your PC components ID. Everything you use, from a monitor to a mouse, all have hardware IDs that are recorded by game companies. It's so that if your account is banned and you try to make a new account you will still not be able to play on that new account because the game recognises all your hardware IDs it recorded before, and have banned them after a shadowban or permanent ban. 

    So that's why a spoofer benefits you. A spoofer disguises all your hardware IDs so that they can never be recorded or banned. Which means after your accounts gets banned from cheating you just simply create or load a new account and it will allow you to play on that without being detected from your previous ban.


    The second ban is called:


    Permanent ban.

    Means when you even try log in it will say you are banned.

    And forever no matter how many accounts you make for cod you will be permanent banned because Activision permantly banned your hwid (hardware ID).

    BUT, again with a spoofer and cleaner you can still create new accounts and play. But no matter what the main account will always be permantly banned



    Do you accept Resellers?

    Yes. Please message us on discord and we will be happy to talk to you about our reseller programme with 50% off our products so you can resell to your own customers at full price to make a profit of 50%.


    How do I turn off auto renewals?

    Some of the products will auto renew, and when they do you can find your new keys here https://acdiamond.net/clients/purchases/ (not all keys renews, and only applied to products which require keys). To turn auto renewal off head over to https://acdiamond.net/clients/purchases/ then select 'Manage'


    and then click 'Cancel Renewals' (if the option is not there that means there is no renewals active for this product). 


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