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COD Ban Types


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A shadowban refers to a temporary restriction imposed on an account. During this period, the account holder may experience matchmaking with other individuals who have also been shadowbanned due to violating the game's rules. Alternatively, they may encounter excessively high latency, making it challenging to find suitable game sessions. Furthermore, any attempt to log into another account from the same device will result in similar limitations. Typically, a shadowban lasts for a duration of seven days.

Permanent Ban:

A permanent ban denotes a more severe action taken against an account, resulting in a permanent restriction from accessing the game. Upon attempting to log in, the account holder will receive a notification stating their permanent ban status. This restriction remains in effect indefinitely, irrespective of any new accounts created. Game developers often employ measures such as hardware ID (HWID) banning, including identifiers like MAC addresses and PC component IDs, to ensure that individuals with permanent bans cannot bypass the restrictions. However, by utilizing a spoofer and cleaner, it is possible to create new accounts and resume gameplay, albeit with the understanding that the primary account will always remain permanently banned.

How to bypass both types:

Our software solutions provide effective means to circumvent hardware ID (HWID) bans in Call of Duty (COD). We offer the COD Blocker, designed to prevent the game's anti-cheat system from accessing your computer's HWIDs, as well as our advanced spoofer. The COD Blocker functions by blocking the detection of HWIDs, ensuring your system remains undetectable. On the other hand, our spoofer enables you to modify and disguise your computer's HWIDs, rendering them unidentifiable.

With the COD Blocker, you only need to execute it once after each computer restart, offering convenience and seamless protection. However, the spoofer requires periodic re-spoofing in the event of a banned serial or following a computer restart. By utilizing these sophisticated tools, our solutions allow you to effectively bypass HWID bans in COD, ensuring continued access to the game while maintaining the integrity of your hardware identification.

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