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    Private and Undetected (for PC)

    Purchase 100% Undetected HARDWARE ID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker

    Private HARDWARE ID Spoofer or Blocker. Enjoy your games while staying undetected. Bypass detections with the help from our HARDWARE ID SPOOFER/PROTECTOR

    or BLOCKER made specifically for gaming

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    At AC Diamond, we take pride in delivering the highest quality HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker on the market for our players so that you can stay safe while playing. This means that even if you got a ban you can circumvent this, and if you have not been banned yet then you can stay safe from a HWID ban. With a proven track record of success over the last 5 years, our reputation speaks for itself.




    Why use a HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker?

    Because anti-cheats have become better at combating us - they ban multiple serials in your PC. This means that even if you change basic serials or change your location (IP) you will still be banned.  The way to fix this is by using a HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker so that you can protect your device from a HWID Ban or if you are already Banned you can still play on new accs as with a HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker you appear to be on a different PC. It is very important to always play with a HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker to make your PC safe from bans.



    What is a Ban?

    Different games have different bans, there are 2 types of bans, shadowbans and permanent ban.


    Shadowban (COD): Means your account is temporarily banned, so when you try to search for game it will either put you in lobbies with other cheaters who are shadowbanned, or it will give you 350 pings so that you can't find any games and if you try log into any other account from that same pc, then the same thing will happen. This ban is usually 7 days long.

    Even with a HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker the account that got Shadowban (SB) still won't work. But the purpose of a HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker is so it allows you to play on a second/3rd/4th (and so on) account and it will allow you to play the game.


    Permanent ban: Means when you even try log in it will say you are banned.

    And forever no matter how many accounts you make for Games you will be permanent banned because the gaming company permanently banned your hwid (hardware ID).

    BUT by having a HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker you can still create new accounts and play. But no matter what the main account will always be permantly banned.


    HWID Spoofer/Protector & Cleaner explained


    The cleaner works automatically, it will delete files called trace files on your PC. These were purposely left on your PC by the game companies to track if your cheating, and if so they will not allow you to make a new account to cheat on. 

    These game companies also automatically record your hardware ID, such as your mac address, your PC components ID. Everything you use, from a monitor to a mouse, all have hardware IDs that are recorded by game companies. It's so that if your account is banned and you try to make a new account you will still not be able to play on that new account because the game recognizes all your hardware IDs it recorded before and have banned them after a shadowban or permanent ban. 

    So that's why a HWID Spoofer/Protector benefits you. A HWID Spoofer/Protector disguises all your hardware IDs so that they can never be recorded or banned. Which means after your account gets banned from cheating you just simply create or load a new account and it will allow you to play on that without being detected from your previous ban.


    Works on ALL Windows 10/11 versions



    to get rid of traces when accounts
    get Shadowed or Permbanned

     Creates a new Windows User for
    added safety

    Supported Games

    Modern Warfare 2 (2022) / Warzone 2
    Modern Warfare 2019 (Multiplayer / Warzone)
    Call of Duty: Vanguard
    Black Ops: Cold War
    Apex Legends

    Supported Anti-Cheats

    Vanguard (Riot)


    Blocker & Cleaner explained



    The Blocker simply blocks the gaming company to read your PC serials so they cannot be banned. Play without worry.

    Plus built in auto cleaner per spoof.


    Works on ALL Windows 10/11 versions


    Supported Games

    Modern Warfare 2 (2022) / Warzone 2
    Modern Warfare 2019 (Multiplayer / Warzone)



    How Often do you update the HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker?

    We check for changes from the gaming company very regularly and update when necessary
    This is a safety precaution so that the chance of detection lowers drastically. 


    IP Spoofing?

    For IP spoofing please use a VPN like nordvpn or similar to that. 



    Undetected HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker for PC


    Our HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker are created in-house by our expert developers and are not repurposed from other sources, ensuring that they remain undetected. To maintain their undetected status, we continually monitor and update our products and mark any detected products to protect our users' accounts. Our HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker have a proven track record of remaining undetected for extended periods, giving you peace of mind while playing.


    The ACD Advantage (Why You Should Get Your HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker From Us)


    Our HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker for PC can only be obtained through ACD or one of our authorized resellers. We undergo rigorous vetting processes to ensure that our products remain undetected and offer top-notch support to help you make the most of your purchase. Our packages offer the best value for the quality of our products and come with ongoing updates to keep them up to date. Whether you're looking for an undetected HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker or Cheats for any game ACD is the trusted name to know.


    For any questions regarding our HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker cheats for PC, please reach out to our knowledgeable support team. Take your Fortnite game to the next level and purchase your HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker today through Card, CashApp, PayPal or Crypto.


    Are you ready to play any game that you have been banned from or simply protect your device from a ban? Purchase your HWID Spoofer/Protector or Blocker today!


    Buy Here (Click Here)


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