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    Private and Undetected (for PC)

    Purchase 100% Undetected Rainbow Six Siege hacks, including Spoofer, Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack, Radar Hack, and More

    Get the best Rainbow Six Siege Hacks and cheats with Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack and World ESP Hack. Undetected Rainbow Six Siege Cheats.

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    At AC Diamond, we take pride in delivering the highest quality undetected Rainbow Six Siege cheats for our players. With a proven track record of success over the last 5 years, our reputation speaks for itself. We offer an extensive range of  Rainbow Six Siege hack features including aimbot, player esp, world esp, and much more which will enhance your gaming experience making you better than a professional.


    Our commitment to providing a secure and undetected gaming experience is unmatched in the industry. Our customer base of over 100,000 satisfied players stands testament to our commitment to excellence. If you're looking for reliable and undetected Rainbow Six Siege cheats and hacks, look no further. Join our Discord community today to get firsthand insights from our players and see why we are the best in the business.


    If you get stuck with anything check out our troubleshoot page here, or simply click the green button at the bottom right of this page to enter live chat for help.



    We are here to teach you all about cheats, what to do, what not to do, whether you've used cheats before or you are a first time user, we will guide you the right way, and show you how to protect your pc/laptop. First thing to note is, you MUST ALWAYS use a Spoofer before you ever use a cheat.

    More and more players are looking for a more discreet cheat that has a legit style of game play, but can turn it up on RAGE at any given second! 

    Some other players love to play with our Rainbow Six Siege hacks aggressively and love to ‘rage’ to get obvious kills. If you're a rager then you will definitely be reported by the spectators of the players you killed. This means your account will be banned fast, and you will need multiple accounts to run through to enjoy that rage feeling! #

    We are rated the best Rainbow Six Siege Hacks, Cheats & Spoofer across multiple review sites


    "How do I get better at Rainbow Six Siege? It seems like the level of players abilities has surged, what has changed?"

    The player's abilities haven't really changed, what’s different is millions of players, from top named streamers to kids are all using our Rainbow Six Siege hacks and cheats in Rainbow Six Siege. This is actually why you ask yourself so many times "What?! How did he know I was there?" You then spend 5 minutes spectating, scratching your head thinking, "hmm he doesn’t really seem like he is hacking, ah well that was just pure luck then I guess". Chances are he has mastered the skill of playing using Rainbow Six Siege hacks in a legit way, tweaking his settings, and playing dumb so his account does not get banned. This is where our Rainbow Six Siege cheat helps even new beginners into the cheating world.



    At AC Diamond we want to help all users get a fair chance to compete with the rest! That’s why we’re offering the best Rainbow Six Siege cheats available today. Simply look at our Rainbow Six Siege hacks yourself, it's clean, crisp, and an easy to use menu interface. We have made sure our Rainbow Six Siege hack menu is easy to use, but packed with hundreds of features. We have stayed undetected because all of our  Rainbow Six Siege hacks go through beta testing for long periods of time (Check Status page). Our VIP members get to use the beta version before anyone else, and they help test each feature before we release it.


    "Are Rainbow Six Siege Hacks safe? How do I know if Rainbow Six Siege cheats are safe to use to play? And what if there is an update to Rainbow Six Siege game, if I play after this update will I get banned? I’ve seen from users from other Rainbow Six Siege cheat providers that they got banned, or they had to wait days until the Rainbow Six Siege hack was updated."


    The answer is, pretty much every cheat provider uses external developers to create and maintain their Rainbow Six Siege cheats. This means that their developers will take a lot longer to update their Rainbow Six Siege hacks. We use inhouse developers, which means our cheats are updated within an hour or two at max. Secondly, when there's an update to Rainbow Six Siege game (or any of our cheats) we have a detection method integrated into our Rainbow Six Siege cheat, so that when there's an update our menu automatically will not load for you until we have pushed an update. No need to download new loaders either, everything is done within the loader and will auto update for you. Just be sure to join our discord and look out for announcements about the status of our Rainbow Six Siege hacks. You can also check the status of our cheats, mods and hacks here: Cheat Status


    The best part of all this... It starts at only $15 which includes a Spoofer AND there is absolutely no compromise on the quality and performance of your gameplay. This is a premium Rainbow Six Siege cheat that is why it has remained undetected.


    Rainbow Six Siege Aimbot Hack


    There are many ways to code aimbot into a cheat. Many cheat providers use the same code, because one person found the way and then shared this way with all other developers. The issue is, their aimbot will be detected as so many know this way, and the gaming company can see it as this information is made public.

    With our unique aimbot that is undetected Rainbow Six Siege cheats such as our 100% crisp, smooth and human-like aiming, ours can be adjusted from completely humanized to completely rage, without a ban! That’s because we spent a very long time coding a brand new way of implementing aimbot, undiscovered and part of our VIP Rainbow Six Siege Cheat and Rainbow Six Siege hacks, this means no other cheat provider has it! Completely exclusive to ACD! Try it for yourself for a day and see for yourself (Buy 1 Day Rainbow Six Siege Hacks Access Here)


    Works on Windows 10 21H2 and below


    Player ESP




    Select BE Spoofer option included


    No recoil
    No spread
    Bullet Manipulation
    Instant Weapon Pullout


    F7 No recoil
    F8 No spread
    F9 Bullet Manipulation/Instant Pullout

    Undetected Rainbow Six Siege Hacks for PC


    Our Rainbow Six Siege cheats are created in-house by our expert developers and are not repurposed from other sources, ensuring that they remain undetected. To maintain their undetected status, we continually monitor and update our cheats and mark any detected hacks to protect our users' accounts. Our Rainbow Six Siege hacks, including aimbot, ESP, and wallhacks, have a proven track record of remaining undetected for extended periods, giving you peace of mind while playing.


    The ACD Advantage (Why You Should Get Your Rainbow Six Siege Cheats From Us)


    Our Rainbow Six Siege cheats for PC can only be obtained through ACD or one of our authorized resellers. We undergo rigorous vetting processes to ensure that our cheats remain undetected and offer top-notch support to help you make the most of your purchase. Our packages offer the best value for the quality of Rainbow Six Siege hacks and come with ongoing updates to keep them up to date. Whether you're looking for an undetected Rainbow Six Siege wallhack or a Rainbow Six Siege aimbot, ACD is the trusted name to know for Rainbow Six Siege hacks.

    For any questions regarding our Rainbow Six Siege cheats for PC, please reach out to our knowledgeable support team. Take your Rainbow Six Siege game to the next level and purchase your Rainbow Six Siege cheats today through Card, CashApp, PayPal or Crypto.


    Are you ready to play Rainbow Six Siege on the next level? Purchase your Rainbow Six Siege hacks today!

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