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  1. Always check status page before buying: https://acdiamond.net/status/ Note: It is recommended to use a Spoofer or a blocker to prevent your system from getting HWID banned or to bypass an HWID ban. You can purchase one HERE. Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 10 & 11 (ALL Version) AntiCheat: Ricochet Controller Compatible: Yes AC Diamond MW/WZ 2 Features of AC Diamond MW/WZ 2: PERFECT FOR RAGING OR PLAYING LEGIT Prediction Aimbot Instantly snap onto your target and kill them from 400M away, or play legit and kill them
  2. Features of AC Diamond VIP: PERFECT FOR RAGING OR PLAYING LEGIT Prediction Aimbot Instantly snap onto your target and kill them from 400M away, or play legit and kill them without suspecting a thing. Our Aimbot uses advanced bullet prediction, resulting in super accurate shots from all the way across the map. SEE ENEMIES ANYWHERE ON THE MAP Skeleton ESP See enemies through walls in spectacular detail. Our ESP does not flicker, shows where enemies are anywhere in the game, is ultra-clean looking and fully configurable. See player names, weapons
  3. We are here to teach you all about cheats, what to do, what not to do, whether you've used cheats before or you are a first time user, we will guide you the right way, and show you how to protect your pc/laptop. First thing to note is, you MUST ALWAYS use a Spoofer or Blocker before you ever use a cheat (read everything below to understand why). More and more players are looking for a more discreet cheat that has a legit style of game play, but can turn it up on RAGE at any given second! We are the first to introduce our very own ‘Humanized’ mode! This means our warzone cheats learn
  4. Simply put, Yes! We provide the opportunity for individuals to engage in the resale of our software solutions. We offer a generous discount of 50% on our products, ensuring a favorable margin for resellers. For more detailed information and inquiries regarding our reseller program, we kindly request that you open a support ticket within our official Discord channel. Our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you further and address any questions or concerns you may have.
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    COD Ban Types

    Shadowban: A shadowban refers to a temporary restriction imposed on an account. During this period, the account holder may experience matchmaking with other individuals who have also been shadowbanned due to violating the game's rules. Alternatively, they may encounter excessively high latency, making it challenging to find suitable game sessions. Furthermore, any attempt to log into another account from the same device will result in similar limitations. Typically, a shadowban lasts for a duration of seven days. Permanent Ban: A permanent ban denotes a more severe action take
  6. Windows 10 In your start menu type virus and open "Virus & Threat Protection" Click Manage under this option here: Disable everything under that tab so it looks like this: Now in the left hand bar goto your firewall settings and make sure all 3 firewalls are off like so: Now in the left hand bar again head over to app & browser control and turn off everything under Reputation based protection & Exploit Protection: One more time in the left hand side go over to Device security and t
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