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EA FC24 Cheats

FC24 Update:

Added a few options

- Smash opponent, activate this feature in UT menu, then go into a match in any UT mode, score 1 goal, cause opponent team will be frozen and can't move, then the cheese will automatically kick him safely. You can use it as your new WL rank 1 method.

- Ball teleport protection. Activate this if you want to give a hard time to ball teleporters, and the cheat will crash their game.

- Crash opp, use it as the new disconnect method, use it when you win/lose.



*If your match doesn't end after you score, wait for FC24 loading logo to go away (logo will be where your radar is) , after logo goes away wait 3-5 seconds and ALT F4 game (you will get win)*

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