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SafePlay VIP | COD MW3 Warzone & MW2 Cheat

Want to use what streamers are using? This product has been our private slotted external cheat for all the top closet cheat streamers. We are now introducing it to the public since it's proven to remain undetected for 4 years!

Introducing our revolutionary product, the ACD SafePlay VIP MW3 Cheat! Designed for those who want to gain an edge in games without any risk of getting banned, this cheat is perfect for legit play and guarantees a safe, enjoyable gaming experience.

ACD is now offering publicly a different type of cheat as compared to our usual high-powered (VIP & Luther cheats) that cause disruption in game lobbies with features like silent aim, unlock all, and flying vehicles. This cheat doesn't do that!

It is specifically designed for a different audience - those who simply want to have some fun with their friends by cheating and winning games without the hassle of constantly switching accounts. It's a cheat that promotes fair play, utilizing a genuine spoofer.

Unlike other cheats on the market, our SafePlay VIP Cheat operates using a real spoofer that ensures your hardware/PC remains undetectable. Rest assured, this cheat does not tamper with the game in any way, nor does it modify memory or block anti-cheat systems. We understand the importance of fair play, and the ACD MW3 and Warzone SafePlay Cheat is designed to enhance your gaming skills without jeopardizing your account's integrity.

With our SafePlay VIP Cheat, you can confidently play alongside your friends, dominate your opponents, and secure those much-desired victories. Say goodbye to the constant hassle of cycling through multiple accounts each day. Our cheat is your secret weapon for solidifying your gaming reputation without the fear of being flagged or banned. It comes with controller compatibility, and completely stream proof on every platform!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Try the SafePlay Cheat today and witness the difference it makes in your gameplay. Play legitimately, play safely, and never worry about facing penalties or suspensions again.

Get ahead of the game and order your ACD SafePlay VIP Cheat now. Your success begins with us!

This is the safest cheat on the market and doesn't tamper with the game making it truly undetectable and under the radar. This is completely external. 

This cheat is not designed for ragers, since it's created for those who want to cheat but stay undetected, and without raising suspicion. This is your go-to cheat for legit style of play, and is the safest even for your main account.

Works on Multiplayer MW3, Multiplayer MW2 & the latest Warzone

- Supports Steam and Battlenet

- Supports Windows 10 & 11

- Fullscreen exclusive is also supported

- Borderless works best

- Aimbot Works on Keyboard & Mouse and with an xbox controller. If you use a PS controller just download DS4 Install it and leave it open during playing to make the game think it's an Xbox controller.


You should not be using SafePlay VIP on an account (battlenet/steam or Activision) you've previously cheated on, or spoofed / blocked on.

Or a previous account with different hwid. Your account will get banned due to you changing the serials / or not having serials at one point due to Blocker and then having serials when you use spoofer.  We tested on brand new accounts never played on before, or accounts that never had a cheat or spoofer/Blocker used on it and none got banned.

You will only get permanently banned if you use SafePlay on an account which you used or (intend to use) either a blocker, spoofer, very low smoothing (ie semi rage), obvious cheating or unlocker in the past. 
Shadowban yes, if you get reported alot just like if you was using no cheat that will happen.


Please remember: there's always a risk of detection at any given time from any cheat in the world.

Note: if you are getting sms verification then straight after getting shadowban, this means you have previous tracers on your system of another product. Get your pc unbanned and you will never have the issue again. You can buy the PC unban here: 

We recommend using a clean aged account for your main account. You can buy from here:



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